About the Program

A-Chord with Kids was founded in 2012 by students at Rye Country Day School.  The program is made possible by the support of Carver Center and nearly two dozen student volunteers from local high schools who teach music to children each Saturday morning.

Our Mission: To foster in the Carver children a love, knowledge and appreciation for music through interaction with accomplished, committed and caring local high school musicians who wish to share the invaluable lifelong benefits of music with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. We also seek to provide mentorship, build common understanding, and help the children build confidence and self-esteem through musical education, participation and performance.


  • Teach students about the definition and composition of music as being the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion.
  • Educate students about a variety of musical instruments including guitar, bass, saxophone, voice, keyboard and percussion.
  • Encourage and nurture a love of music through learning, listening, playing and performing both individually and as a group.
  • Introduce students to and educate students about different musical genres including classical, jazz, contemporary, rock, Latin, funk, R&B and soul.
  • Teach the basics elements of music such as music theory and sight reading.
  • Instruct on the various types of musical ensembles such as orchestra, choir, concert band, marching band and jazz band.
  • Tap into local musical community and invite guests to perform for the children